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Arch of San Sebastián

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The San Sebastian Arch from Ricla is the only part from the wall perserved. It separated the high and low neighbourhoods in the village. It is located between Hombría Street and La Taberna Vieja square.
After the reconquest in the 1120, the village was divided in two  neighbourhoods, separated by a wall. Muslims lived in the high neighbourhood, and Christians lived in the low neighbourhoord. The typical Arabic urban planning from that time is shown in the high neighbourhoods and new houses. They have narrow and sinuous streets that intersect.
A pained arch made of brick It´s conserved from the 15 th Century, with a Chapel. This San Sebastian Arch. It is located in Hombría Street in beginnings of the 20 th cebtury there was another Arch, located between La Carnicería square and La Arena square.
It is one of the doors from de villages old Wall, the only that still exist nowa days within the wall it can be seen a lowered arch with a fleat form, arranged to house the door. It consits of a painted arch of brik, in front of the arch we can find small chapel that houses the saint.

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